This customer contacted CSTco in December to discuss a few issues they were having with their front lawn.  The main problem was their dogs going to the bathroom in the yard causing brown spots in an otherwise nicely manicured lawn.


When we first discussed Synthetic turf they loved the idea but were concerned about the cost.  Our solution was to add a nice front yard feature incorporating some of the bigger rocks on the property to cut down on the square footage of turf needed.  Since the rock wall was in the center of the yard we decided to build that part first and fill it with river rock before installing the turf so we wouldn’t have to carry heavy loads across new turf. This was a big job and added quite a bit of time to the project.

image image image

This time of year NC is extremely humid and afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence so we had to lay large tarps over our base work to keep it from being damaged by heavy rain.  This may have added a day to our install but as you can see from the picture the stacked rock feature contrasts nicely with the Kentucky Blue synthetic turf and they were very pleased.

image image

To complete this project CSTco used SoftLawn Kentucky Blue Plus CX134 synthetic turf from Synthetic Turf International.  The adhesive used was SynLok’s Turf Claw in their Do-It-Yourself Kit and seamed with SynLok’s Red Stripe Seam Tape.


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